The Pacific Northwest

Hey everyone!

I decided that it would  be a good idea to start a blog so I can give you guys updates on my personal life and projects that I'm currently working on. So I figure that I might as well start this off with a gallery of a much needed trip through the Pacific Northwest with some of my homies. We landed in Portland and drove up to Seattle and finished off with Vancouver. It was nice to bundle up and tough it out in the cold for once so I feel pretty invincible coming back to winter in sunny California. Saw a good amount of waterfalls and ate tons of delicious food. The trip being 4 days, I was only able to get a taste of what each city to offer. I definitely need to revisit these places individually in the future. I took a bunch of photos so enjoy the pictures and don't forget to follow me on instagram at @cmaera. Click the images to view them full size!

Calvin Ma